Dental Challenges Are Preventable!

Dental Challenges Are Preventable!
By Dr. Kao Pediatric Dentistry

From the time they cut their first tooth to their first tooth ache, kids cannot avoid dental challenges. Dental problems have always been a part of childhood that parents face along with their children. Fortunately, most issues are easily treated and what’s even better is most can be prevented.

According to Buzzle ( the most common dental problems are:

Tooth Decay Gum Disease Dental Erosion Sensitive Tooth
Malocclusion Bad Breath Thumb Sucking Tongue Thrusting

The most common is tooth decay due to the plaque that covers the teeth. When your child doesn’t brush regularly, it can lead to cavities, gum disease, tooth erosion, and other challenges. Other common challenges can be teeth forming out of alignment (known as malocclusion) causing a poor bite and crooked teeth. Not only do children feel self-conscience and find it difficult to clean their teeth but it can also prevent them from chewing their food properly or being challenged with forming certain words.

Along with malocclusion, halitosis (bad breath) can also embarrass a child. When your child finds it difficult to either brush their teeth or they haven’t developed proper brushing habits, food and gum problems can lead to infections causing bad breath. Infections and diseases can also cause your child to have sensitive teeth. Because their teeth are more susceptible to hot or cold sensations or even sweet foods, when disease occurs, the pain and discomfort is hard for a child to manage.

Infants and toddlers try and find comfort by using their mouths. They develop either thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. These can be dental issues later on because it leads to misalignment and could make your jaw s and teeth form improperly. This can result in having an overbite or speech problems.

One thing not discussed but is just as important for children are tooth injuries. Kids who are active in sports are more likely to have some type of tooth accident. Other examples can be falling or tripping. All of these can lead to chipped, broken, or teeth that are knocked out completely. What to note is that some of this is preventable, especially in sports. Work with your pediatrician to get a mouth guard. Also know that with baby teeth, if removed early enough, your dentist can put a spacer in to keep the space open until a permanent tooth grows in.

Prevention is “key”, when it comes to your children’s teeth as they grow. The common dental problems will occur and accidents will happen. However, if your child continues to maintain good oral health care and keep our number handy at (650) 755-0277. Remember, it is all manageable.