Why Are Check Ups Important When School Begins?

Why Are Check Ups Important
When School Begins?
By Dr. Kao Pediatric Dentistry

Your child going back to school is an annual occasion filled with new clothes, new surroundings, and a higher level of responsibility, and checkups should be included. At this time, most schools and sports clubs require physical examinations and vaccination history, which makes it a great time to check everything else. Regular health exams and tests can identify problems before they start, giving better chances for treatment and prevention. With the right health services, screenings, and treatment, you are taking steps that help your kid get a great start on their school year and a healthier life.

While you are planning all your checkups for your young ones, add dental check-up to your back-to-school checklist. Dr. D Ray Gifford, Managing Dental Director at Kool Smiles says, ‘A trip to the dentist should be on everyone’s back-to-school checklist. Also, according to News Medical.com, “Good dental health is closely linked to academic success, and a back-to-school dental checkup provides an opportunity to review brushing and flossing best practices, as well as identify any potential dental health problems that can be addressed before the school year starts.”

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends visiting the dentist regularly to maintain oral health at least one dental visit per year. Visiting your pediatric dentist can establish a solid influence on how your child can continue to manage their dental habits. Dr. Juei Kao is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and recommends the following:

  • Brush 2 times each day (morning and night)
  • Floss at least once every day for healthy teeth and gums
  • Avoid sugary and acid filled drinks like sodas that can eat away at enamel

He adds that, “At school it can be difficult for your child to break away and brush. However, if you can get an opportunity to brush during school, it greatly improves your chances of healthier oral hygiene.”

Dr. Kao also recommends eating healthy meals that contain foods rich in nutrients to help bones and teeth develop and stay strong. Focusing on fruits, vegetables, and dairy products that are high in calcium, will support your child’s overall health. To reinforce this message, a study was done by the King’s College London Dental Institute stating, “Eating calcium-rich dairy products and avoiding sugary foods like candy can help keep your teeth healthy. But even some good-for-you foods can damage your teeth.” Find the article and additional information in the Everyday Solutions, Dental Health Guide’s “The Best Foods for Healthy Teeth“.

Remember that children want to make the best impression, when school begins. You also want them to begin being more responsible for their dental health. Starting with healthy smiles improves self-esteem and confidence. Call Dr. Kao’s Pediatric Dentistry at (650) 755-0277 to schedule an appointment for your back-to-school checkup. Get in a routine that will allow you and your child to enjoy smiling all school year long.

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